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About Me

My name is Doug, and I love working with small teams and businesses, digesting problems and designing to give users everyday super powers. I believe in the betterment of myself and others through technology. I take pride in my work, whether it’s improving experience, efficiency, or enjoyment.

I've been called a web-designer, a front-end developer, a wizard, and a unicorn. For most, these titles mean nothing. Strip away all of the tools and technology and you'll find a simple communicator at heart. My mission is to make the web easier to use by improving how people interact with technology as it changes. Amazing humans are behind every great product, so I put my focus on people first.

Let's start something awesome:

  1. Bachelors in
    Computer Graphics
  2. Freelance Web Design
  3. Creative Director
    at Ikon
  4. Partner
    at DigitalAugment
  5. Board Chair,
    Room to Think
  6. Independent
    Software Development
Face your life, its pain, its
pleasure, leave no path untaken.
— Neil Gaiman