Doug Waltman


During my time with Weedmaps, I was a leader, mentor, and friend to everyone I had the pleasure of working with. I believe in the mission of connecting consumers and patients to the products they need, and the goal to bring legal cannabis to everyone. I worked on the consumer facing web products, built with React, Next.js, MobX, and Styled Components.

An unexpected and massive layoff has left me unable to fully actualize all of my goals with Weedmaps, however I am proud what I was able to accopmlish during my tenure. Some of my noteable achievements are summed up below:

Was a mentor for new hires and prolific code-reviewer.
UI Components
Helped build the UI library and pioneered an internal design system.
Helped transition the front-end codebase from Rails+Angular to React.
Was instrumental in setting up Optimizely and Segment.
Helped build the online ordering experience.
Lead internal education classes and presentations.
Code Coverage
Was instrumental in bringing our unit test coverage up 97%.
Helped build user flows for brands and listings.
Refactored code to improve readability and performance.
Cutting Edge
Early adopter of new tech, sharing and leveling up peers.
Developed screen-reader friendly, tabbable, components.
Top Contributor
Personally conributed over 100,000 lines of code and 500+ pull requests.
Code Owner
Was an owner of several repositories and maintained codebase health.
Was a liason between teams and champion for collaboration.
Implemented Danger plugin rules to reduce bugs during the PR process.
Collaborated with the design team to develop optimal UX solutions.
Added and contributed to the audit-ci package in our repositories.
Type Coverage
Championed the team effort to add Flow type coverage across the codebase.
Implemented SVG optimization with definitions and added animations.
Styled Components
Transitioned the app away from Foundation to a custom global style.