Doug Waltman

Badger Mountain

We cross paths daily, often more than that. I see you and I don’t even say hello. I take you for granted because I know you will always be there, even when I’m gone. You are patient with my struggle, and yet you push me onward.

Neither a mountain nor a badger. Your name makes no sense to me. But you are what you are, and I’m glad you’re here. You lift me up and give me perspective. When we’re together I feel capable of anything. My feet lead me onward, but you show me the way.

Farewell my stoic friend
Until my way seems lost again
Lay the path beneath my feet
And show me lights beneath your peak

Humbling the world beneath
Busy bodies on their busy streets
Cast a shadow on my doubt
And help me touch the clouds

Silence my fears and cries
Let the wind dry my eyes
Replacing my self-pity
With courage to face this city