Doug Waltman


I wrote this during a critical moment of healing in my life. It was shared by friends who helped me find the light. This is dedicated to you.

Ephemeral are these times
Especially these violet lines
That trace the sky in thundering highlights

Extensible are these energies
Especially these seeking peace
That trace the intrinsic truths we choose

Exist with me at the same time
Express with me a sage rhyme
And lay with me in the sunshine as it rises in our eyes


I’d roll you like your first acid blotter
And cuddle the spiritual fuck out of your aura
And hold you like the earth holds water
As the sun beams bolder and the rays reach hotter
I'll show you what it means to treat you with honor
Respecting the peace and energy beneath my armor

Exist with me in the same moment
And hold onto it like we belong to it
Like gravity grounds us, let love surround us

I want to commune with the space between
Around and surrounding you and me
Coalescing boundless waves of energies
And swim in the shore where our skin sweetly meets

Discarding the hardest parts of our outer casing
Like blazing stars that spangle our interlacing
Ephemeral and amazing
Especially these fearless hearts
That chase the art of our entangled parts embracing

Violets in vivid violence
Strike our irises in vibrance
Our eyelids collide as lovely vessels
Pilotlessly we glide, romancing
Lost in analysis, entrancing our hearts’ brief paralysis

Ephemeral are these times
Especially these violet lines
Placed in impassioned pantomimes
That strike the sky in thundering highlights