Doug Waltman


A poem to remind me to dream.

Copious eyelids of our third visions hone
Time-bending, mind-mending chakra flows
In melodious, ultraviolet, geometric tones.

Sliding, grinding stones set aside pride,
Clothed in the sunshine of our own inner glow,
The mildness of our inner child shows
Porous hearts, mired in inspiration,
Our parts muddled in fiery undulation.

Elemental stones, puddled in relaxation must go
Share a space of subtle and gentle growth,
Abrogating negativity, replacing the patriarchy
With love and an amalgamation of hopes.

Emboldened by a new oath, sewn into the seams,
Our own inner fluorescent fabric… healing,
Reminds our hearts to hold on to this feeling,
Lest perchance we forget to start dreaming.